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Get rid of the Pain

The Body2fit posture corrector, or posture correction brace, brings your shoulders and back back into their natural position and improves the complaints that are associated with an incorrect posture.

Corrects one Bad attitude

The Body2fit Back Brace corrector tackles your bad posture. Making it relieve or prevent pain in your back, shoulders and neck. Can be used during sports, work or behind the PC.

Back corrector

Premium Materials

The Body2fit Back brace corrector is designed and composed of premium materials. The material breathes and is very strong. Contains parts used for seat belts for indestructibility.

soothe back pain

One size - For man & woman

The Back Brace is One size and suitable for 80-120cm chest circumference. Both for Man and woman. Also suitable for children from 10 years. With the handy clamping brackets you can easily adjust the brace yourself.

The causes of back problems & poor posture 

  • Do you ever have back pain, neck and / or shoulder problems?
    This problem occurs in many people. After a sport or working day, your shoulders and back collapse. This can have unpleasant consequences and lead to complaints and burden on your back, shoulders and neck.

  • Bad attitude: 
    Because your shoulders have slumped, often by sitting too long behind a laptop, PC or mobile, it can also cause a bad posture so that you do not look confident. You don't want that! 

The solution:

This posture corrector, or corrective back corrector from Body2fit, will help you to treat your physical complaints, including back and neck complaints. You can go through life again with a painless body and a confident attitude.

Veel gestelde vragen:

De Rugbrace is one size. Maar is enkel geschikt voor een borstomvang van 80 a 120cm.

BODY2FIT verstelbare Rugbrace Houding Correctie voor Rug & Nek | Postuur Corrector | Rug corrector | Verstelbaar 80-120cm borstomvang | Unisex | GRATIS E-BOOK

Gebruik de brace in het begin niet langer dan 60min per dag. Gebruik de brace in het begin niet langer dan 60min per dag.

Hoe wassen:
✅ Niet wassen met bleekmiddelen.
✅ Wassen op max. 30 graden.
✅ Niet gebruiken in de wasdroger.

Soms kruipt de rugbrace omhoog en kan dit irritaties veroorzaken. Daarom is het aangeraden om de rugbrace te gebruiken boven een t-shirt.


Do not wait too long and order the Body2fit Posture Corrector now for a healthy body position.

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