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Shape Essentials Slimming starter box 10 days


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Shape Essentials Slimming starter box 5 days

Shape Essentials 5 day starter box contains all the tools you need to lose weight safely.
Phase 1




The result starts with a good program and personal coaching schedule

Since Bart de Wever's metamorphosis, protein diet has become very popular in Belgium.

The taboo that one has a yo-yo effect is broken, especially if you follow a protein diet with a guidance schedule.

That is why we recommend that you start with the Shape Essentials Protein diet, starting with this starter box.

The Shape Essentials 5 day starter box contains all the tools you need to lose weight safely.

So you always eat another meal for 5 days, and away with those boring protein shakes.

Once the first week is over you can easily choose your favorite products through the other product packaging.

Why lose weight with a protein diet?

If you want to lose excess weight, it is necessary that you protect the most important fat burners in your body (your muscles). Your body is one large machine that consumes energy, and it is important to maintain, or even strengthen, this combustion machine.

Why not follow a crash diet without protein?

If you follow a crash diet without protein, there is a chance that you will also break down your muscles when you lose weight, because your body does not get enough calories. Your muscles also consist of proteins, and in the event of a deficiency your body will break down your muscles and end up in a vicious circle. You must avoid this at all times.

What makes the Shape Essentials protein diet so successful?

When you start with the Shape Essentials starters box, you will supplement your body with proteins for 5 days

no sugars are included in your diet during the first 5 days.

Your body will respond to this after 2 days, and will produce ketones in the body.

Ketones ensure that your body switches from burning sugars to burning body fats.

It is therefore also very important that you do not consume extra sugars during your Phase 1 because then your body will not produce any ketones (and therefore do not burn any fats).

Your body will handle this very cleverly and you will find that if you follow the starter box schedule well you will get your body enough energy from your fat reserves, and you will notice that immediately on your scales, but also within 5 days in the mirror.

What can I expect in my 5-day starter box?

The 5-day Starters box contains all meals that you need during your first week, as well as all protein meals without sugars that you can use during your phase 1, so it is ideal for starting your diet.

In addition, the starters box also contains a daily schedule how to distribute your meals over the different days as well as a preparation plan that makes it easy to prepare your meals.

All shape Essentials meals can be prepared within 5 to 10 minutes.


Once you have received the starters box, you can enter your personal details online and you will receive a personal weight loss plan via e-mail made entirely to your size, starting from your starting weight, until you have reached your target weight.

Contents starters box 5 days

  • 5 days meals overview
  • preparation schedule per meal
  • 5 day package for all meals, snacks and desserts during the day
  • login for free personal schedule from start weight to target weight.
  • 5/5 days telephone support
  • help + guidance to maintain your healthy standard of living.
Nutritional value per 100g
Energetic values
Energy 384 Kcal
Energy 1624 kJ
Nutritional values
Fats 5.90 g
    of which saturated fatty acids 3.50 g
Protein / Proteins 70.60 g
carbohydrates 10.30 g
    of which sugars 6.40 g
    starch 3.90 g
    Dietary fiber 3.80 g
salt 0.88 g


Depends per meal

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