Gaba 500 Sanas

Sanas Gaba 500


Sanas Aminobolan mega forte

Sanas Aminobolan mega forte

Sanas HMB 500

Muscle growth and recovery in its pure form.



HMB (β-Hydroxy ß-methyl butyrate monohydrate) is a breakdown product of proteins that contain leucine contain. HMB occurs naturally, little in food. HMB would, if sufficiently dosed (something that practically only via nutritional supplements possible) and supported by training, increase muscle tissue. HMB blocks, just like anabolic steroids, it breakdown hormone cortisone.

New studies show that HMB intake also offers benefits to strength athletes, endurance athletes in particular runners and cyclists. It is also confirmed that the benefits of HMB supplementation are the same for men and women. The first results are already noticeable after three or four weeks.  

Product Name   HMB 500
Ingredients   HMB, gelatin, filler (maltodextrin), pyridoxine HCl
Use   1 to 6 capsules per day

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