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 ProXtend, the ideal performance drink for endurance athletes and the "Intra-Workout Drink" during strength training
Packaging: Pot 1260 grams



ProXtend is a “workout drink” that, due to its specific composition, can be drunk immediately before, during and immediately after training.
ProXtend is a tasty and easy to digest solution drink, designed for both endurance and strength athletes. ProXtendconsists of a strategic mix of "Waxy Maize" carbohydrates (the fastest absorbed carbohydrates on the market) and a massive dose of BCAAs, Glutamine, Citrulline Malate and Vitamins.

1) ProXtend, the ideal performance drink for endurance athletes

The Waxy Maize carbohydrates provide almost immediately available energy for blood and muscles. Research has shown that cycling training performance was 23% better for subjects who used waxy maize versus subjects who used other carbohydrates1. Waxy maize has a low osmotic value, which means it passes the stomach wall twice as fast. This way Waxy maize enters the intestines quickly, where it is digested and absorbed at lightning speed. Waxy maize is therefore the ideal carbohydrate source for endurance athletes!

Citrulline Malate ensures that ammonia and lactic acid (by-products of intensive training) are removed faster, so that training can take place longer and more intensively. Citrulline malate supports aerobic capacity.
The third ingredient Glutamine, has been added because the muscles use large amounts of glutamine with intensive efforts. These must be supplemented as quickly as possible, not only to prevent muscle breakdown, but also because glutamine is the most important fuel for the immune system that can be under pressure during intensive and long-term exercise. In a study of 200 athletes, two groups of sports drinks were offered. The first group received a drink with glutamine and the other a placebo drink. The group receiving glutamine scored much lower on infections (81% no infections) than the placebo group (26% no infections) 2. Glutamine also supports glycogen synthesis and helps reduce acidification.
Be another essential ingredient in the formula BCAAs. During intensive training, the BCAAs can be converted via the liver into glucose for energy if there are too few carbohydrates available. With heavy endurance efforts, up to 15% of the total energy supply can come from BCAAs and these must also be supplemented if you want to prevent muscle breakdown. Moreover, supplementation with BCAAs results in an increase in exercise time of 16% for long-distance runners3.
To support athletic performance and promote muscle recovery were also Vitamin B3, B6, B12andVitamin C added.

2) ProXtend, the "Intra-Workout Drink" during strength training

ProXtend is also an "Intra-Workout Drink" that maximizes muscle building during training by using the blood supply to the trained muscle! The body pumps 15 to 20 times more blood to the muscles during training than at rest. Blood is the transport system that provides the muscles with all the necessary nutrients to grow and recover optimally. The more nutrients that are pumped into the muscle, the faster muscle breakdown is avoided and the faster muscle growth can start. Athletes have long known the need for Pre- and Post-Workout nourishment, but by not feeding the muscle during training, an important muscle-building moment is overlooked. The best time to provide muscles with vital nutrients is during training when the blood supply is highest!

ProXtend contains only ingredients that are quickly and fully absorbed by the muscles: Waxy Maize, Citrulline Malate, the essential BCAA amino acids, Glutamine and Vitamins B & C. SynTech ™ opted for a massive amount of 7 g BCAAs, divided into the correct proportions (3.5 g of leucine, 1.75 g of isoleucine and 1.75 g of valine)!
The key ingredients per serving
    • 28g Waxy Maize  - Waxy maize has a low osmotic value and enters the intestines so quickly where it is digested and absorbed at lightning speed. It provides almost immediately available energy for blood and muscles. This faster and more complete uptake ensures efficient replenishment of glycogen stores during exercise (if taken during training) or immediately afterwards. Waxy maize is absorbed twice as fast as maltodextrin or dextrose and ensures an insulin peak that is twice as large. This insulin peak ensures a better transport of nutrients to and storage in the muscle glycogen. Waxy maize replenishes muscle glycogen stores faster and more efficiently than other carbohydrates, which means a faster recovery, less muscle breakdown and better protein synthesis. Waxy maize improves training intensity and supports strength, resistance and endurance.
    • 2g Citrulline Malate - this is an extremely versatile ingredient. It is first and foremost a NO precursor. NO (Nitric Oxide) makes blood vessels wider and smoother and increases the amount of blood that the heart can pump and therefore the amount of oxygen and nutrients that the muscles receive. This larger influx is important to have optimum energy during training and to get tired less quickly. This better blood flow also ensures a better muscle pump and although the pump itself is short-lived, it is important for muscle growth itself: that "stretch" that is put on the muscle membranes initiates processes that support protein synthesis. Secondly, citrulline malate helps to reduce the formation of ammonia and lactic acid. Citrulline malate also helps to improve aerobic training capacity and supports post-training recovery.
    • 4g Glutamine - Glutamine is seen as a semi-essential amino acid, because under certain circumstances it is impossible for the body to produce enough glutamine to meet the need, such as for athletes. Glutamine is the most common amino acid in the blood and muscle tissue and participates in many important physiological processes in the body. Glutamine has an anti-catabolic effect and ensures a faster muscle recovery after exercise. Glutamine is also a powerful antioxidant: users also experience a much better resistance to colds.
    • 7g BCAAs - these 3 essential amino acids are crucial for muscle building and muscle recovery after training, because they activate protein synthesis. BCAAs are important for maintaining muscle mass and optimizing glycogen stores in the muscles. BCAA supplementation helps to reduce muscle breakdown during training. The strategic intake of BCAAs immediately before, during and immediately after training ensures faster recovery, prevents muscle mass loss and reduces muscle stiffness after strength and endurance training.
    • Vitamins B3, B6, B12 & C - athletes have increased needs for these water-soluble vitamins. Vitamins are essential for the body to function properly.
There would be a link between vitamin B and sporting performance. Vitamins B are used to convert proteins and carbohydrates into energy. They are also essential in the repair and production of cells (muscle cells). Researchers at Oregon State University discovered that athletes with a vitamin B deficiency can perform less physically, recover their muscles less quickly and build muscle less quickly than athletes who do take up enough vitamin B.
Vitamin C is also a water-soluble vitamin, necessary for the growth and repair of tissues. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant: it can block damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals can arise with heavy sports efforts.
1) Stephens, FBRoig, M. Armstrong, G. & Greenhaff P., Journal of Sports Sciences, 26, 149-154, 2008
2) Chris Brands, Proteins a panacea for the endurance athlete - 2005
3) Chris Brands, Proteins a panacea for the endurance athlete - 2005

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