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Syntech Enduro Pro 90 caps


Enduro Pro is a synergistic blend of plant extracts of the highest quality and purity, specially formulated to support performance in endurance sports. Packaging: 90 capsules


Enduro Pro is a synergistic blend of plant extracts of the highest quality and purity, specially formulated to support performance in endurance sports.

This specific composition of plant-based adaptogens enables endurance athletes to train longer and better and to delay fatigue.
Enduro Pro not only ensures better sports performance, but also helps to promote recovery. Enduro Pro also has an antioxidant effect and it supports vitality.
The key ingredients per daily serving
  • 800mg maca – This plant is nicknamed “Peruvian Ginseng” and is used by athletes because it ensures a quick and complete recovery after strenuous exercise. Maca has a beneficial effect on the mood, supports endurance, provides more energy and an optimal hormone balance.(1) Maca also ensures that endurance athletes become faster.(2)
The three main benefits of Maca for athletes are:
1.         Endurance Support
Maca supports the immune system and helps to recover faster from (over) fatigue. Maca supports endurance and concentration and provides more energy. Athletes and endurance athletes use Maca to perform extra training work.
2.         Support optimal testosterone production
Maca is an adaptogen that keeps the body in balance during heavy physical and psychological stress. The glycosides in Maca support optimal testosterone production.
3.         Reduction of lactic acid
During intensive efforts, lactic acid is formed in the body. This causes our muscles to acidify and fatigue sets in. Maca helps to purify the body of lactic acid after a heavy workout and thus ensures a faster and complete recovery and more energy.
  • 500mg Ashwagandha – this extract is traditionally used to support the hormonal system.(3) Recent research shows that supplementation with 500mg Ashwagandha increases maximum sprint speed by 3 percent and maximum oxygen uptake [VO2max] increases by 7 percent.(4) Ashwaganadha is also an adaptogen that helps lower cortisol levels and contains choline for mental support.
Ashwagandha is a tonic that helps with:
– overwork and overtraining
– lethargy and exhaustion
– blocking the action of free radicals
– maintain healthy muscles and joints
– restlessness, aggressiveness or stress due to tension
– low immunity or resistance
  • 400mg Powergrape® – this polyphenol extract increases the “power output” of athletes during exercise with 21%.(5)This study also showed that supplementation with 400mg Powergrape® increased the recovery capacity with 8%, that the training caused less muscle damage and that there were more antioxidants in the blood.
  • 300mg Rhodiola Rosea – it activates the action of the enzyme AMPK. More active AMPK means better fat burning and increased glucose uptake by muscle cells.(6) Rhodiola Rosea is extremely efficient at improving endurance and oxygen uptake, researchers at KU Leuven have already discovered with a single intake of 200mg.(7) Athletes also recover faster from heavy training when using Rhodiola Rosea.
  • 130mg natural caffeine from Guarana (500mg) and Kola Nut (200mg) – Endurance athletes use caffeine to combat fatigue, sprinters to improve reaction time and strength athletes to increase maximum strength. It has been shown that a sustained effort can be sustained for longer through the intake of caffeine(8) when going faster.(9) Caffeine also has a positive effect on endurance performance due to its glycogen-sparing effect. The glycogen stock is saved at the start of the competition, because it ensures that fat stores are used more quickly. Caffeine also helps maintain alertness because it affects adrenaline levels.
  • 100mg Red Ginseng – Red Ginseng contains ginsenosides that have an adaptogenic effect. Red Ginseng provides more energy, acts as a tonic against fatigue and also increases the resistance.(10) In addition, this plant has a beneficial effect on endurance, strength and the ability to concentrate and react.
  • 100mg Coenzyme Q10 – Coenzyme Q10 protects cell membranes from damage caused by free radicals released during intense exercise. Endurance efforts cause less damage to muscle cells and recovery is faster. Coenzyme Q10 also makes tired endurance athletes sprint faster.(11) This substance could also improve endurance.(12)
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Nutritional value
Per 3 caps (= 1 serving)
Per 100g
Lepidium Meyenii Walp. (maca)
Standardized to ≥ 0.6% glucosinolates
Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha)
Standardized to ≥ 2.5% whitanolides
Paullinia Cupana Kunth (Guarana)
Standardized to 22% caffeine
Vitis Vinifera L. (Powergrape® Grape Extract)
Standardized at > 50% flavonols and > 90% polyphenols
Rhodiola Rosea (Golden Root)
Standardized on 3% salidroside
Cola Nitida (Kola nut)
Standardized to 10% caffeine
Panax Ginseng CA Meyer (Red Ginseng)
Standardized to ≥ 24% ginsenosides
Coenzyme Q10
RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance
* = RDA not established